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Over the years, we have refined a list of what works, in terms of equipment and clothing, when trekking in Africa.

You can purchase these directly from us. We have chosen to use PayPal for our online purchases. You can learn more about PayPal at their website.

New! Custom embroidery now available! Make your jacket, vest, cap or journal a special memento of your trek by adding your name or a trip name (such as "Botswana Trek 2007") - or whatever you like! - in addition to the trekking logo.

We've also jotted down some general advice (bottom of the page).

Keswick Riding Jacket

Keswick Riding Jacket

In Serengeti Gold, embroidered with the Narrow Gate Trekking Logo. Windproof, waterproof and breathable. Ripstop nylon fabric makes it nearly thornproof. Lots of pockets, inside and out. A hood big enough to go over a helmet rolls into the collar. Available in sizes XXS through XXL. $119.95.


Micro-Fleece Jacket

Micro-fleece Jacket

In Grey, Hazel and Melon. Embroidered with the Narrow Gate Trekking logo. Light-weight. Perfect for the cool of the morning, but easily stowed as the day gets warmer. Easy-care. $79.95 (Shown in Hazel)


Micro-Fleece Vest

Micro-fleece Vest

Same as above for those who prefer a vest. $58.95. (Shown in Hazel)


Equissentials Riding Breeches

Equissentials breeches

Equicool Fabric, Dressage Patch, Black or Tan. These are the best all-around breech for the kind of riding we do, in the places we ride. They clean up and dry out quickly, and look pretty good off the horse as well. $155/pair. Call us to order and for help with sizing. These can also be found at riding shops all over the States.


Trekking Cap

Trekking Cap

Olive green with the Narrow Gate Trekking logo embroidered on it. The first one is free to all who trek with us, but here you can purchase a replacement when you finally wear out the one we gave you! One size. $15.00


Trail Journal Kit

Trail Journal Kit.

Waterproof and tearproof notebooks to record your thoughts from the trail. Complete with a cordura cover with pen slots and a write-anywhere pen. $29.95


Trailrider Survival/Tool Kit

Trailrider Survival Kit

A Narrow Gate exclusive! Our kits consist of a Gerber Trailrider multi-tool, designed specifically for riders, a Mini-Maglite flashlight (batteries included) and a Brunton combination compass and whistle, all packaged in a multi-pocket pouch that can be attached to your belt or to your saddle. $99.95


Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Sports Towel

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad

New! All Sport, All Terrain, All Weather...Chilly Pad absorbs sweat and keeps you cool during any strenuous activity. Cools through evaporation, keeps the hot sun off the back of your neck. Use it to dry off or use it to cool down! Re-wet when it stops cooling - within minutes it's cool again. Machine washable. 33”x13”. Available in Yellow and Sky Blue. $15.95


Cape Mohair Equestrian (Tall Boot) Socks and Paddock Boot Socks

Cape Mohair Equestrian Socks

The best riding socks ever! Made for us in South Africa. Designed specifically for riding. They reduce chafing, wick moisture away from your feet, inhibit odor, and are easily washed and dried on the trail. One size.

The "Mohair Equestrian" Ultimate comfort, specially for tall boots. $11.00 a pair.

The "Mohair Paddock" Cool in Summer...warm and snug in Winter. $9.00 a pair.


Puffa Sueded Riding Gloves

Puffa Sueded Riding Gloves

These synthetic fabric gloves protect your hands for thorns and the harsh Africa sun, while still giving you plenty of “feel”. The fabric is designed to give you a good grip of the reins, even when wet. Available in S, M, L, and XL, in black. $18.95 a pair.


Outdoor Products Hydration System

Hydration System

Ultra-lightweight. Two liter capacity. Keeps the water where you can get to it quickly, with minimal bouncing around when riding. These are as well made as any hydration system, at half the cost. $29.95


Products We Also Recommend (Purchase Elsewhere):

Cabela’s Guidewear Supplex Shirts

Everything about this shirt is perfect for our treks. Comfortable, easy-care, ventilated, good pockets, especially nice is the double-collar which can be folded out to protect the neck. Men’s 90-1348, Women’s 91-2264, Cabela’s. (800-237-4444 or

The Tilley Hat

The world-famous Tilley Hat really protects you from the elements! It is now available in four styles. We especially like the T3, but all will do the job. These are available in a number of places, but we get ours from Cabela's. (800-237-4444 or

General Advice

• Use sports bras in cotton/synthetic blends, if possible. These will chafe less and lend themselves to laundering in the bush.

• Rather than tall boots, wear paddock boots and half chaps. Your paddock boots can then double as hiking boots for the times you’re not riding.

• Use our treks as an opportunity to clear out your closet. Take things which are serviceable, but which are near the end of their service lives. Make gifts of these to your hosts or their employees and fill the empty spaces in your duffle bag with souvenirs. Buy new stuff when you get home!

• Along these lines, we pack such things as t-shirts, used tennis shoes, pocket knives, pens and pads of paper to use as gifts for the people we work with or encounter along the trail. Not junk, just things we may not need any more. These things will be appreciated over there.

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