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Remember, Narrow Gate Trekking specializes in offering additional activities for accompanying non-riders, or for riders who want to take some time out of the saddle.

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From Ben Hale (Woodberry Forest School, VA)...

"Our excitement has not dimmed over what was - by every measure - a truly excellent trip.

None of this would have been possible without your exhaustive and impeccable planning. From the day I pitched this trip to the day I returned, I have been constantly aware and constantly grateful for your amazing knowledge, your creativity, and your wisdom.

I hope we can do this again!"

From James Dick (Outing Club Director,
Washington and Lee University)...

"It is not often individuals get to go on such an immense trip as we did with Narrow Gate to Tanzania in June 2007: high altitude, incredible guides, amazing animals and wonderful hospitality. Even less common are trips that include the above with the ease of travel and hassle-free arrangements that were made for us by Kerry Scott and his crew.

The Outing Club has high expectations for trips such as these—and our expectations were blown away! Thanks, Narrow Gate, for a once-in-a-lifetime trip...I hope to do it again!"

From Rebecca Jones (Virginia)...

"Thank you so much for your planning and contribution to the Kili-OC trip. This trip is one of the most significant things that I've experienced, and I know others feel the same.

Thank you for sharing your love of Africa with us. I plan on going back!"

From Sheila Alexander (Virginia)...

"Thank you for all your help in setting up one of the best trips we've ever had!

Krueger was amazing, with wonderful wildlife sightings (I took over 1,800 photos!)... "

From Dr. James W. Worth...

"Traveling to Africa was a lifelong dream come true for me. The trip consisted of two separate and equally fascinating parts. The first part was hunting plains game with a guide Kerry knew well and thus could vouch for completely. Kerry got me from our plane out of Lynchburg to a remote ranch in Namibia where the hunting took place. He guided me along the way with consumate skill and good attention to my needs. The hunting was great, too.

When this part of the trip ended Kerry showed up in his intrepid Land Rover and we drove into the Kalahari Desert, where we met up with an adventure safari. Most of those participating in this were on horseback, but I am no equestrian and stuck with the Rover. It was an absorbing, fascinating adventure, replete with bushman people, elephant tracks, incredible desert secenery such as the magnificent baobab trees, delicious meals cooked over a campfire, and sleeping under the stars. I especially appreciated the Southern Cross, a constellation I had heard about but had never seen with my own eyes.

On the way back Kerry took me to Cape Town, a wonderfully cosmopolitan city. I only wish we could have stayed longer. Throughout the trip I felt very safe with Kerry and very grateful for his ability to navigate through airports, city streets, and isolated desert trails. He always listened to my concerns and took them seriously. I would highly recommend Narrow Gate Trekking to anyone with a spirit of adventure."

From Deidre (Washington State)...

"It was a great trip! The highlights were Cape Town (did both the winery tour and Capelands tour), driving through a small portion of the restricted diamond area, walking the beach at Port Nollath, seeing the wild horses near Luderitz, hanging out at a Himba Village, and Etosha Park where we saw lots of zebras and an elephant.

At Immenhof, Freddy and Ria treated me royally. They are wonderful people. I felt like a guest of the family, and their place is as nice as you said it would be. The food there is excellent. I put on a few pounds in spite of walking and riding. I stayed in one of their nicest rooms overlooking the pool. I especially enjoyed seeing the stars at night and the Southern Cross (no light pollution!). The place is also a bird watcher's paradise - an unexpected bonus because I've always been into birds. Luckily I had my binoculars with me.

We stayed at lots of different places over the course of our visit, but one that I really liked and recommend was the Etosha Lodge. It is a new place just outside the west gate of Etosha Park. The place has individual tents, nicely set up on a hillside, very clean and private. The dining area is wonderful - sort of a tented affair with stone floors. They have a great swimming pool, too.

Everything you shared about Namibia was right on and gave me the confidence to venture forth into an unknown land. Thanks again!"

From Renee (Pennsylvania)... (writing to us mid-trip!)

"Everything so far has been exceptional - I honestly can't thank you or praise you enough for your thoroughness, attention to detail and over-the-top effort and friendly attention in planning this trip for us.

I'm here and I love it so far -- Thank you !!!

And from Renee... (post-trip)

You did an absolute splendid and outstanding job with taking care of every possible detail of our trip, and I couldn't be more impressed !!! I will gladly recomend any and everyone possible to you for horse trails !!!"

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