Adventure Travel in Africa!

Kilimanjaro, Cape of Good Hope, Skeleton Coast, and Kalahari...words that stir the imagination. Now imagine seeing these places from the back of a horse. This is the adventure that awaits you when you travel in Africa with Narrow Gate Trekking.

Who Are We?

Narrow Gate Trekking is the husband-and-wife team of Kerry and Marlies Scott, with outfitter-partners in various parts of Africa. Though the Scotts live on the family farm in the heart of Virginia, their hearts have belonged in Africa since first traveling there in 1996. Now after ten trips by Kerry and five by Marlies, the Scotts are anxious to show you why they love it so.

Trekking for Horseback Riders...and Non-Riders, Too

We are active equestrians, so it makes sense that trail riding is the core activity for most of our African itineraries. Narrow Gate Trekking also offers a full range of activities for non-riders. Hiking, biking, paddling, hunting, fishing, even golfing are possibilities on trips. Our focus is on mixed parties in which some members are happy to spend all day in the saddle while others may wish to do something different, though they wish to travel together. Narrow Gate knows of no other trekking company who has this focus…and this is the way they travel themselves.

Narrow Gate Trekking Is More Than Just Riding

There are more than just hours in the saddle on trips with Narrow Gate Trekking. We offer good food and drink, good company, well-treated and well-mannered horses, beautiful scenery and a wealth of wildlife to be seen and experienced. This is Africa, after all.

Africa is the land of endless horizons, star-filled skies, plentiful game, and gentle people who want nothing more than to make sure you enjoy your visit!

Our specialty is providing unforgettable adventure travel for riders and non-riders alike!