Golf Safaris

Our aim at Narrow Gate Trekking is to offer golfers and non-golfing partners and companions a tour through exciting Namibia with all its varied landscapes and diversity, along with a visit to Cape Town for a more intensive golf course selection.

Golfing in company! Golfing with magnificent dunes in the background.

Our African tours are not pure golfing holidays; they are a combination of golf, training, safari adventure and sightseeing—an opportunity to visit Africa and to play your favourite sport.

We plan our itineraries with care and attention to detail, as we wish your time with us to be as enjoyable as possible.

Namibia is a vast open country which changes at every turn. We feel the best way to view and experience such a kaleidoscope is by travelling on its roads and off-road trails, so we would like you to be aware that to reach some of our destinations requires travelling some distance on gravel and sand roads, which only adds to the adventure—enjoy!

In addition to golf, we can arrange horseback safaris (our specialty), hunting, fishing, game- and bird-watching. Virtually any outdoor activity is available.

Let Narrow Gate Trekking organize a golf adventure in Africa for you...for the experience of a lifetime!

Contact us for a detailed itinerary and schedule for Golf Safaris in Africa!

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